Motions Approved at Today’s EGM

Motions Approved at Today’s EGMMM

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Many thanks for the 150+ of you who took part in today’s Emergency Branch Meeting.

The following two motions were passed with overwhelming majorities (>90%).

Motion 1 (amended as per below)

This branch notes
–              There have been regular consultation meetings between the Executive Board and our UCU Negotiating committee since the start of the pandemic
–              That, during these consultation meetings, our UCU Negotiating committee has constructively engaged with proposals for a safe return to campus, the protection of all jobs, a revised workload model to address the new working conditions set by the pandemic
–              That the University has instrumentally referred to these consultations in communication with all staff
–              That, in such communications, the University has instrumentally omitted to report UCU’s concerns and strong disagreement
–              That the University appears to engage with these negotiations only to gain legitimation but with no real intention to meaningfully engage with UCU’s proposals
–              That the UCU and UNISON Health and Safety reps report on the campus tour of the 4th of September declares the campus unsafe for the imminent reopening to students and staff.

This branch believes
–              That the University Executive Board cannot be trusted for meaningful consultations and negotiations
–              That our UCU branch should not accept any compromise on safety, job security and the mental health and wellbeing of all staff

This branch resolves:
–              To declare a collective dispute if an individual opt-out procedure for face-to-face teaching during the COVID crisis is not offered to all staff
–              To call on the University to make the default mode for teaching online-only for the duration of the COVID crisis
–              To formally urge the University to stop all redundancies of Part Time Hourly Paid colleagues
–              To demand a new workload model negotiated via UCU
–              To demand the protection of research time, funding and support
–              To explore the possibility of declaring a formal dispute with the University if the demands above are not addressed.

Motion 2:

This branch notes:

– The continuing failure of management to address the culture of bullying at DMU. We particularly condemn attempts to utilise the disciplinary process to victimise any UCU member for their involvement in our recent “Four Fights” industrial action.

This branch resolves:

– That it will use all means at our disposal to defend members, including lawful industrial action, and calls on senior university management to rein in perpetrators forthwith.

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