Reported COVID Cases in VJ Patel – Letter to VC and new DMUnionise! issue

Our new DMUnionise! issue is out. You can download it using the link above.

Also, we have sent the message below regarding reported cases of COVID in VJ Patel. We will communicate a response once we have one:

Dear Professor Collop and Ben Browne,

We note with alarm that there have apparently been three COVID cases amongst colleagues in VJ Patel, who were teaching face to face on an Art Foundation Course since 1st September.  We are dismayed to hear reports from multiple staff that students who have been in contact with affected colleagues remain in teaching spaces and that sick colleagues feel blamed and under suspicion rather than supported.

  • Especially since Phase Three of campus occupancy has yet to occur, please would you confirm the facts about this case and the background to it, and what DMU intends to do about it.
  • We are surprised and disappointed that we were not informed via H&S consultation that face to face teaching was already occurring – this is a serious omission and calls into question the meaningfulness of consultation.
  • Please can you confirm current rates of campus occupancy, and if any other courses are running, which ones and where, teaching hours, number of students and how have they tracked and traced?
  • Please provide the percentage of teaching planned to be face to face in term one given current timetables, declared finalised as of Monday.
  • Can you also please confirm the number of reported COVID cases at De Montfort University to date?

One thought on “Reported COVID Cases in VJ Patel – Letter to VC and new DMUnionise! issue

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