Press Release from De Montfort University, UCU Branch Committee

Press Release from De Montfort University, UCU Branch Committee

DMU UCU Branch Committee is saddened to see the governance of the University under question, especially at a time when governance across the HE sector is falling under intense scrutiny. Over several years, we have repeatedly raised concerns about various changes made by management to reduce scrutiny and staff representation in key bodies overseeing University governance. We firmly believe that good governance can only be achieved by having elected staff representatives and representatives of trade unions in committees and boards at all levels. Transparency and the ability to be self-critical are crucial to good governance. To this end, we have today released a manifesto document setting out the guiding principles by which we believe this can be achieved alongside the students that we will always support within an institution which we cherish. Our detailed proposal is available here.

We are today calling for management of the University to show leadership within the Higher Education sector in strengthening governance at DMU and committing the University to inclusion of directly elected staff representatives. This includes representatives from recognised trade unions, on boards and committees at all levels of the University, including the Governing body, Academic Board and the Executive Board of the University. We must increase transparency and democratic governance such that all staff can have an official voice through the creation of a General Assembly. We are also calling on the University to revert back to the good principles of governance outlined by the seven Nolan principles of public life, and end the controversial practice of governor remuneration at DMU.

The following statement has been released by the De Montfort University UCU Branch Committee:

“Our first concern is always with the staff and students of the University, and our reputation as an institution. We stand ready to work with management to implement root and branch change to our governance structures to ensure that all members of the university, staff and students, are actively involved in how the University is governed, to ensure transparency and to build a University of which we can all be  truly proud. We believe that another University is possible“.


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